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Imagine a day where you're turned gay for me and that day repeats and repeats over and over again. That day is Groundhog Gay. Every morning you wake up to the tune of Sonny and Cher in some trashy hotel room. Set out by the side of the bed will be the clothes I've planned for you to wear for the day's clients. A frilly maids dress, a school-girl uniform, a whoreish PVC skirt, neon top and fishnets combo and some slutty Pleasers. Whatever I decide to make you wear its sole purpose will be to sexually objectify you - to make you look like a piece of feminized fuck-meat for the men that will be paying me to use you. This is your new life sissy - every day will be the same - getting fucked by men for cash over and over - day after day. You're trapped in Groundhog Gay.

Of course, every day won't be EXACTLY the same. The queue of strangers that line up to use you will change every day. The things they make you do will be different. The ways in which I make this never-ending ordeal even more humiliating for you will vary - but one thing will never change - you will be made to go gay for me every day for the rest of your life. You will suck cock, on your knees in your pretty maid's dress. You will let men lift your pleated school skirt over your bottom and let men use your sissy-pussy. You will swallow cum and allow yourself to be degraded by your clients for my profit. And then you'll go to bed, soaked in cum, ready to start it all over again tomorrow.

You'll never escape Groundhog Gay, faggot. There is no secret combination of events that will allow you to break free from this never-ending torment. You will be forced gay every day. You are the whore and I am the Pimptress and I'm going to keep you sucking cock, getting fucked and totally humiliated forever. Every dollar you make is coming straight to me. I'm going to live a life of luxury and full of so many pleasures while you suffer for me every day. You're going to be used and abused just to earn me money. That's your purpose in life now - you're nothing more than an object - property to be exploited for my financial gain and I'm going to enjoy every moment selling you off to men for their perverted sexual satisfaction.

Added: 19 Jun 2020
Clip Length: 15m 38s