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Get Used To Pink Sissy
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I'm going to turn your whole fucking life pink sissy! By the time I'm done with you you'll be so blinded by pink you'll even be thinking and dreaming in pink! I'll start with you clothes - all sissies need to wear pink it's a kinda rule that if you're gonna dress like a girl you're going to wear the most feminine colour - pink! So that means pink frilly panties and a matching pink bra. You'll wear stockings with pretty pink bows and we'll find you a cute pink skirt and top combo or a short pink dress. I'll force your pink painted toes into a pair of sky-high pink stripper-heels and make you walk to the bathroom to give you a total PINK makeover! A silky pink wig on your head is gonna look so girly and I'll give you bubblegum-bimbo pink makeup - glittery eyes and glossy pink lips. You're going to look adorable! All that pink is going to turn you into such a bimbo-princess! So, what else does every pink sissy need? A cute pink plastic chastity device so secure she'll never be able to get her sissy-clit free! Sissies stay locked in chastity and I've got the perfect little device for you - the anti-pullout VICE cock-cage! Your poor little cock is going inside, and it won't be coming out ever again. If you ever want to cum - you'll be doing it the girlie way - with a big PINK dildo in your sissy-hole! Your locked-up cock can leak out a pathetic sissy-gasm as you fill your ass full of big pink cock and fuck yourself like a girl to a humiliating orgasm. Enjoy your new pink life sissy!
Danni King
26/01/2018 - 11 minutes
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