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Eva Ray

Eva Ray

I can literally make losers like you cream in your humili-panties just by laughing at you! I mean as much fun as it is for me to reduce you to a whole new low-level of 'loser' by giving you a giggle-gasm - I've got a lot more humiliation than that lined-up for you.

Besides snarky insults and a perfectly executed middle finger, I have a king-size strap-on cock that would look perfect impaled in your poor feminized ass! I have a teeny-tiny pink chastity device just small enouth for your widdle pee-pee! I have a lockable sissy-maid's uniform with foo-foo frills and jingle bells to keep you emasculated as you clean my apartment. I have a humbling butt-plug to take your mind away from all the images of me fucking my real man boyfriend as you stay denied and rejected at home.

I have all the tools I need to keep you in your place - to keep you meek and submissive, shamed and humiliated. Just try not to make cummies EVERY single time I laugh at you loser!

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