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Girls Extortionate Bar Bill
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You're such a sucker for hot barmaids aren't you? We love losers like you - we don't even have to be nice to you or throw you a little flirtation - we can be total fucking bitches and the tips still get bigger and bigger. It's such a fun game to play - we treat you like dirt and give you terrible service just to see if we can still extort a fat tip from you. We've got another game to play with you tonight. This interactive rinsing is going to be so much fun - and a seriously expensive night in for you. So we're going to be your Barmaids From Hell tonight - Maxie will pour you a drink - you can copy what she pours at home. I'm Jessie and I'm going to decide how much to charge you for the drink. We don't allow you to accumulate a bar bill here so you have to pay right away. You'll pay by sending us Amazon Gift Cards. Oh and we expect a nice big tip on top of whatever we charge you for your drinks. So let's just start you off with a nice refreshing glass of water. Maxie would you pour this loser a glass of water? Let me think how much to charge you - send us both $20. Losers don't get to drink in the company of 2 beautiful girls like us for cheap so pay us $20 and drink up! Now let's move on to something harder - Maxie will pour you some Vodka and I'm going to charge you $50 every time you lift it to your lips so it's going to be better for you if you drink it all in one hit! We're going to get you so fucking drunk you'll pay us whatever we tell you to. You're going to be a drunk lonely loser sat at home getting manipulated by 2 hot barmaids.
Jessie JensenMaxie Rhoads
11/06/2017 - 10 minutes
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