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Glorybox Whore
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The trouble with gloryholes is that they're usually hidden away in the back of disgusting adult book stores in the worst parts of town. Most respectable men wouldn't be seen dead in places like that and whilst I couldn't care less about the class of guys fucking your sissy throat - it's important a cock-whore like you is made available in the busiest locations to as many men as possible. So, I've come up with an amazing little invention that could change the way sissy whores like you are pimped out. By locking your head into this glorybox and leaving you in a hotel room or the restrooms of a gay club, or in the gym locker room your anonymous sissy mouth will be available to anyone. You'll effectively become a living, mobile gloryhole. You'll be dressed in an appropriately whoreish outfit to give the guys using you something nice to look at. A tight little minidress with your well stuffed bra bursting to rip through the flimsy fabric. Fishnet stockings and some killer heels. I'll drive you to the chosen location, cuff your wrists and ankles together and then lock the glorybox onto your pretty sissy face leaving you kneeling helplessly on the floor - waiting for the first cock to poke through the cock-hole. Just like a real gloryhole you'll have no idea whose horny cock is invading your painted lips. You'll have no choice but to take it as far down your throat as your 'client' decides to push it. You'll have no choice but to suck it until he's emptied his cumload into you. And then the next guy will step forward and use you all over again.
Katie Thornton
19/03/2018 - 11 minutes
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