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HaHa I'm Gonna Piss On You Faggot
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Humiliating isn't it faggot? Being forced to complete gay acts because I say so. You worship hot girls like me so much that you actually obey us when we tell you to suck a cock, swallow another man's cum or take his Alpha cock in your faggot-hole. You must know that the consequences for not going gay for us would be even worse than having your sexuality forcibly taken from you. What could be worse faggot? You accept the shame of having another man's cock inside your body. You soak up the laughter from me and my bratty girlfriends. You suffer so much humiliation for my entertainment - what could possibly be worse? I want to find out how far I can push you - how much of a faggot you will be for me. I have another guy here and he wants to fuck you right now. He wants to put his huge gay cock in your ass and make you take another emasculating gay-fuck. Do you know what I'm going to do while he's fucking you faggot? I'm going to piss all over your embarrassed faggot face! So, while a man is pounding his huge cock in and out of you, I'm going to stand over you laughing at your humiliating predicament and I'm going to cover your face in my piss. You deserve to feel degraded like this faggot. You have a man fucking you. He's turning you into his faggot slut for my amusement. You're doing this because I've told you to do it. You're trying to win my affection by going gay - and I'm going to treat you with nothing but contempt. You'll be pumped full of his cum while my hot piss rains down all over your stupid faggot face!
Daisy Dillon
17/08/2018 - 13 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - HaHa I'm Gonna Piss On You Faggot - #toilethumiliation