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Hannah Sofia

There's no way I'd date you loser - let's just get that straight - NO WAY! You're surfing a femdom humiliation site. You're checking out the profiles of girls that bully wimps like you. You're feeding your pathetic submissive fantasies. You're not the kinda guy girls like me would ever want to date - seriously! You're the type of weakling that never gets pussy. You're the type that gets locked up and cuckolded by girls like me. You're the type that I'd force into a pair of frilly emasculation panties and laugh at with all my bratty girlfriends. You're the type that I'd rinse and reject, tease and deny, friendzone and humiliate. You'd never be the kind of guy that gets to date me - let alone see the inside of my dream-girl bedroom or my Princess panties. I'm way too perfect for someone like you. Too demanding. Too intimidating and too expensive. You'll just have to get used to serving me - being my simp - my persoanl servant. Get used to being bossed around by me loser - get used to the insults and the punishments because that's all you'll get from me. :-)