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I'm sorry but that's just what you are now - you're a cuckold. It must have been so humiliating when he called you it right in front of me and the other girls but it's nothing more than you deserve - you're a cuckold. Was it more humiliating that he called you a cuckold or hearing the laughter from me and my girlfriends? I kinda felt sorry for you - another man humiliating you like that. Telling you he's going to fuck your girlfriend 'cuckold'. Right in front of all my girlfriends. Telling you, your girlfriend is going to suck his cock tonight 'cuckold'. Everyone was laughing at you - even your hot, cheating girlfriend.

It must have been so embarrassing for you - all the girls chanting "He's gonna fuck your girlfriend" and laughing at you... but it got so much worse didn't it? He took out a little pink chastity device and told you to 'go put it on 'cuckold'. How fucking humiliating for you. Pink! hahaha - it was so perfect for you haha! "Off you go cuckold - lock your little cock away" he told you - I almost felt sorry for you as you went away with your little pink cock cage. And then when you come back and he told you to show everyone! OMG nobody would trade places with you! So humiliating!

You must have wanted to cry when he asked everyone 'Who wants the key to the cuckold's cock?' haha - my real man really knows how to fuck with you right? I love him humiliating you like this in front of all my girlfriends - I love watching him bully you - making you feel so pathetic and inferior before he fucks your girlfriend. He gets to humiliate you and then he gets to fuck your girlfriend - that's what he deserves for being a real man - and this is what you deserve for being a cuckold wimp. He's totally earned the right to call you 'cuckold'.

Added: 20 Jul 2020
Clip Length: 15m 05s