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Haha you poor, helpless little sissy! Don't you want to be part of my Bimbofying Experiment? Don't you want to be an airhead bimbo girl haha! Well that's just too fucking bad sissy. You're part of my evil experiment to create a submissive, ditzy feminized barbie doll and there's nothing you can do about it. I've replaced all of your boy clothes with frilly ultra-girlie dresses, panties, mini-skirts and crop-tops. It's high heeled, platform shoes and boots for you from now on sissy and all the makeup a barbie-girl bimbo could ever want! Aw you look so upset that I'm doing this to you - but I just don't care - in fact I LOVE the idea that you don't want to be a girl I much prefer to FORCE-feminize victims like you anyway. Tearing away your masculinity while you beg me not to make you into a girl. You have no idea how serious this is sissy - I'm not just forcing you into girly clothes, bimbo heels and pretty makeup. You are scheduled for complete bimbofication surgery - EXTREME surgeries to make sure you're a ditzy dolly FOREVER! You're getting Extra Large silicone breast implants and over-the-top pumped-up lips, a tiny waist and a more girlish profile sculpted to your face. You're going to be turned into a REAL girl whether you want to be one or not and if it's 'not' that's just too bad for you sissy. You can cry your pansy heart out for all I care - NOTHING is going to get you out of this! Permanently bimbofied sissies are worth much more on the sissy-whore market than regular pansies.

Added: 28 Oct 2019
Clip Length: 14m 55s