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You're all tied up and totally at our mercy sissy. We can do anything we want to you and you can't do a thing to stop us. Struggle as much as you like - we've tied you up for real - you're not gonna escape no matter how hard you try. And even if you did - where are you going to go dressed like that huh? Where are you going to stumble in your 7in padlocked fetish heels? Where will your exposed long smooth legs run to? Where will you try to escape to in your teeny-tiny sissy dress with all the ruffles and lace haha? You're not going anywhere sissy - you're going to stay right here and let us carry out the plan we have in store for you.

Our plan is to expose you, sissy. We're going to torment you and humiliate you as we take hundreds of photos of you all bound and gagged in your sissy predicament. And one by one, we're going to expose you to everyone you know. We're gonna make you pose in your frills and bondage and tease you about who's gonna get the next picture. Maybe your boss or an ex-girlfriend? Maybe the girl you have a secret crush on? We'll tell you when we've hit 'send' sissy. We're gonna fuck with you all night - filling your social media feeds with pictures and videos of you squirming in your hogtie - all dressed up like a pansy-girll!

Itís gonna be so much fun reading what everyone has got to say about your helpless exposure too. And we'll enjoy reading them all out to you too sissy. As we take even more pictures of you to keep your fans happy - we'll tell you what everyone is saying about you. We're going to prolong your humiliation and drag it out for as long as we can to make sure you are left as embarrassed and fucked-over as possible. We're going to ruin your whole life right in front of you. As you wriggle in your heels and your pretty dress - we'll be destroying you. We're going to send everyone you know photos of you dressed like a girl and all tied up - getting humiliated by 2 hot girls and there's nothing you can do to stop us!

INTERACTIVE CLIP - We can expose you for real as you watch the clip - details in the clip of how we'll expose you in real life.

Added: 18 May 2020
Clip Length: 14m 44s