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Y'know how some guys like their girlfriends to fuck other men and actually help their 'hotwives' find men to fuck - well I really like that idea a LOT sissy. I like it so much that we're gonna do the same - except you don't get to decide who I fuck. I'm not going to be the hotwife - you're going to be the hotsissy and I'm gonna decide which men get to fuck you - a different guy every night in fact! I think we could make Hotsissy a 'thing'.

I'll help you get ready for your dates - just like guys help their hotwives. I'll help you pick out the sluttiest lingerie to wear for the men that I invite to fuck you. Your fishnet stockings, a tight corset and panty set. I'll help paint your nails and get your makeup looking flawless for him. I'll help you with your hair and pick out the perfect dress for you. Something very short and very tight. I'll help you into you fuck-me heels. Sky-high fuck-me pumps to complete your hotsissy-slut look.

The guys are gonna be so desperate to fuck you when they see how I prepare you sissy. Your mouth plastered in thick, bright red gloss. Your lashes so long and pretty. Your hair in a cute ponytail for them to hold when they fuck you. I'll make sure the bedroom is properly prepared sissy - you won't need to break a nail! I'll make sure the bed is made and there are plenty of cuffs and chains to keep you secure. I'll stock up on lots of condoms and lube in case the guys want to use any. I can't wait to enjoy the show my little hotsissy will put on for me. I can't wait to watch you being a total slut for all those real men! I can't wait to watch every sing one of them fuck you like a whore!

Added: 11 May 2020
Clip Length: 15m 58s