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Humiliating Sissygasm Assignment
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You're gonna cum like a total sissy faggot - a sissygasm just like you've done so many times before but this time I'm going to make it EXTRA humiliating. I have a sissygasm assignment for you that is going to cripple you with embarrassment and take your submissive sissy training to the next level. More importantly - you're going to do it because I say so. First of all, you're going to make yourself look so girly for this assignment. Sissies should look their best while they're being humiliated to a leaky sissygasm right? I want you in a pretty outfit, pinks, ruffles, ribbons and bows. Go full pansy-perfection on the outfit sissy - because I'm going to need photographic proof of the assignment being completed! Makeup and wig - go over the top. Long blonde locks, XL lashes, mascara on top of mascara and pin-up lipstick. You need to look flawless for this sissy. Put some heels on - and when I say heels, I really mean heels. 6in is the absolute minimum. You're going to be crouching over a big dildo and I want you doing it in the highest heels possible. Don't worry sissy, we're almost there - it won't be long before your bottom will be full of cock and you'll be on your way to cumming just like a girl. Now if you're not already locked up in chastity, now is the time to cage away your little sissy-stick. There will be no unlocked sissygasms for you in this assignment. Lock up your icky boy thing and crouch over the big dildo suctioned to the floor. Are you ready for your humiliating sissygasm assignment? It looks like you're ready - in your pretty girly clothes and your makeup and your wig and that teeny-tiny chastity device. Haha... well here goes...
Queen Kitty
14/07/2019 - 15 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Humiliating Sissygasm Assignment - #Feminization