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Hump Your Pillow Sissy
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Hey my little cuckold cum-dumpster! Are you hungry for your jealousy juice? Of course you are! You're always desperate to gulp down some slimy Alpha-male cum. Well you're in luck faggot, because my real man and I fucked Just because you're never going to fuck a girl and you're too much of a coward to let a real man use you there are other ways for a sissy like you to find tiny scraps of sexual pleasure. Your little pee-pee is locked in chastity so jerking off is out of the question. I guess you could sissygasm but sometimes even an ass full of vibrating cock can't quite get you over the edge. You could stay horny and limp like a good sissy - frustrated and denied any pleasure - that's really what sissies like you deserve. If I had my way that's exactly how you'd stay forever - never satisfied, never cumming, never feeling pleasure. But it's a fact that you do need to leak your sissy-slime to keep you healthy so I'm gonna allow you to try an alternative today. You're gonna hump your pillow. As if pillow-humping isn't humiliating enough - I'm gonna make you do it just like a girl. You're gonna wear your panties and bra and you're gonna wear stockings and heels. A little tip for you sissy - choose a set a silky as possible - some satin panties and silky stockings would be perfect! You're going to look so adorable with your pretty satin panties over your little cock-cage as you hump your pillow for me. I want you to hump the pillow as girly as you can - you're not fucking it like a man would - you're going to arch your back and ride your pillow pushing it between your stocking-clad thighs and grinding your pretty pantied crotch into it. Rub yourself into that pillow sissy - moan like a girl as you feel your satin encased chastity device glide over the pillow. Keep going sissy - this is how girls like you cum when there are no boys to help you!
Tiger Lily
03/11/2019 - 17 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Hump Your Pillow Sissy - #PillowHumping