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His Used Condoms And A Straw
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Good morning cuckold - did you miss me? I wasn't planning on staying out all night, but HE was so hot and so good in bed I totally made the most of him. Did you get my messages? I wanted to keep you up to date with how the night was going. After you dropped me off at the bar he had his hand up my skirt within half an hour. We skipped the restaurant and went straight to the club and his hands were all over me. It must have been the hot dress you bought me - he loved how it showed off my tits and ass - he just couldn't control himself. You're such a good date-night outfit tester cucky! After the club we headed back to his place and I'm sorry to say he totally ruined the dress. He literally ripped it off me! He made me feel like such a fucking slut - I let him fuck me over and over in all your favourite positions. He treated me like a total whore and I loved it. I sucked his cock and did so many things I would NEVER do with you! Aw poor cuckold - look at your poor little broken-hearted face. You must feel so ashamed and humiliated - your cheating girlfriend rubbing your nose in all the details of her night of sex with another man. Well I have something even more humiliating for you to do now cuckold. I want you to slurp down all of HIS cumloads for me. I've brought home all of the discarded condoms he pumped full of cum last night and you're gonna drink them all while I call him and thank him for such an amazing night. There's a straw in each condom for you to suck up every drop of his real man cum.
Miss Bethany
12/03/2018 - 12 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - His Used Condoms And A Straw - #cei