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Hostess At The Presidents Club
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Besides being a full-time bitch to you, I also happen to run THE go-to agency for supplying hostesses for VIP events. My girls are known for their '10' looks, their accommodating manner and, how should I say this, their eagerness to please! My girls are extremely well trained and as such they are in high demand all the time - which means I'm always looking for new girls to keep my clients happy. This week I have a very important booking for a Presidents Club charity fundraising event. You may have read a little about this little group of men recently. They have a particularly demanding reputation when it comes to their hostess girls. I think you, sissy, would be perfect for this job! The Presidents Club have been very specific about what our hostesses are to wear for the evening. A teeny-tiny short skirt, a tight blouse unbuttoned just enough to see your black lacy bra. Your panties must match your bra and you'll wear black seamed stockings and a pair of sky-high heels. I won't lie to you sissy, you're going to be expected to do a lot more than just serve drinks to wealthy businessmen. Expect to have their hands pushed up your skirt to grope your cute sissy ass. Expect to be spanked as you bend over to clean up. Expect to be forced to sit on a leery men's laps as they put their hands all over your helpless feminine body. Expect to be told to follow them to a back room to suck their cocks for cash. My girls are known for going the extra mile with the clients and you, sissy, will not let me down. And remember every dollar you earn will be coming straight back to me!
Lucie Jones
23/04/2018 - 13 minutes
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