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Hump Stuff For The Mean Girls
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Laughing at losers hump stuff for us is one of our favourite ways of humiliating you rejects. I mean it must be one of the most soul crushing feelings for you retards - kneeling there in front of two beautiful Alpha females with your cock buried inside a pillow or a plastic pussy looking up at us with your stupid red face waiting for us to verbally abuse you or slap you or spit on you. Is this what your pathetic life has come to? Is this what you've had to come to accept as your sex life? You've finally realised that hot popular girls like us DO NOT want to fuck weak submissive beta males like you so the best you can hope for is being the object of ridicule in one of our mean girl entertainment games. You have been defeated by the constant rejection from the pretty girls you love so much. You've given up on asking us out on dates because you know you'll get that familiar disgusted sneer. You know the only way you can put a smile on a hot girl's face is by being TOTALLY humiliated for our amusement. That's why you're going to hump a pillow for us today - right at our pretty feet while we verbally berate you and spit on you. Haha! All while you're puffing and panting as you fuck your little pillow girlfriend we're going to be laughing and drenching your ugly red face with our mean girl spit.
Emma GreenKaitlin Grey
09/07/2017 - 10 minutes
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