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I Bullied Your Girlfriend In College
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Me and my hot girlfriends used to bully your plain girlfriend so fucking much back in college. We literally ruined her life back then it was so funny! We were so fucking hot and she was like - just not so we used to fuck with her relentlessly. We used to take her out to the club just to ridicule her - make her wear clothes that were way to short or tight for her. We used to get her fucking wasted and make her do humiliating things to make us all laugh at her like empty the contents of an ashtray into her mouth or get under the table to lick gum from our cute shoes. We used to put her on a collar and leash - everyone used to laugh at her. We even whored her out to ugly guys or fat guys or much, much older men. The things we did to her were fucking gross - and we kept all the photos we took of her doing it! Which is kinda why I'm back - we heard she got herself a new life, found a boyfriend, got a career blah blah so I'm here to ruin it all over again - and that means for you too fucktard. I'm gonna bully the both of you this time. She's gonna be my little errand girl. She'll keep my apartment clean and tidy and do my shopping, chores and drive me around just like she used to do back in college. I'll whore her out all over again and make her wear cheap slutty clothing - no matter where she needs to be. And then there's you - You'll be locked in chastity - no more fucking your plain girlfriend and no getting hard watching me and my hot girlfriends bully her. You're going to be made to wear things you don't want to wear too and guess what loser - I'm gonna be whoring you out too!..
Daisy Dillon
30/12/2018 - 13 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - I Bullied Your Girlfriend In College - #humiliation