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I Want Your Bully To Humiliate You
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So, I was flirting a little bit with this guy online and it turns out he actually knows you! Can you believe it cucky - I'm just checking out random guys online and one of them happens to know my cuckold boyfriend. Of course, I told him all about our 'arrangement' and he wasn't at all surprised that you ended up a submissive beta cuckold. It seems the guy I've been trying to hook up with was your bully when you were at college. Apparently, him and his buddies used to make your life a fucking misery! He told me all the things he used to do to you and I didn't feel the least bit sad for you - in fact it kinda turned me on. He was amazed you managed to find a hot young girlfriend like me and thought it was so fucking funny that I cheat on you and rub your nose in it. You know what I thought would be fun? I thought it would be so hot to invite him over to bully you all over again just for me. I'd love to watch him push you around, beat you and then fuck me right in your own home. I want to hear him telling you how he's going to fuck your girlfriend and there's nothing you can do to stop him. I want to hear him order you to clean his shoes while he takes me into your bedroom and I want him to call you in to clean up his mess after he's done fucking me. The thought of your old bully walking in here and making you his bitch all over again gives me such a kick.
Danni King
09/02/2018 - 12 minutes
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