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I'm Gonna Make Her Watch You Suck Cock
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Your girl has no idea that you're a submissive wimp who gets off on being humiliated by me and the other Cruel Girlfriends does she? She doesn't have a clue that you worship us for our beauty and our dominant, bratty attitudes. She thinks you're a normal guy and that you get off on regular vanilla sex - not from being ridiculed and emasculated by pretty girls like me. So, what would convince her that you're a beta wimp who would do anything I say - no matter how humiliating huh? She'd have to see it with her own eyes, right? She'd have to literally see you being my subby weakling to believe the power I have over you. So, a few of the girls have gone to meet your innocent little princess right now and they're bringing her over to show her exactly what you're capable of doing for your mean Alpha goddess! You're going to suck a real man's cock right in front of her. She's going to watch us put you to your knees in front of another man and make you suck his big cock. Don't worry faggot - we're gonna gag her so you don't have to listen to her protest of disgust at what you're being ordered to do for us. You'll just concentrate on the cock you've been presented with and you will suck him until he cums. I want your girl to see every humiliating second - I want her to witness us laughing at you and mocking you as your struggle to swallow every inch of his cock. I want to see her tears as she realises you're our pathetic cocksucking faggot. I want her to understand that we can make you do anything. You're going to open your mouth wide and let our stud spray his load into your mouth right in front of her while we all laugh at you!
Alexa Brooke
23/07/2018 - 12 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - I'm Gonna Make Her Watch You Suck Cock - #forcedbi