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I'm The Hottest Girl In The Office
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I'm the hottest girl in the office cucky - you know what else cucky? I'm the sluttiest girl in the office too. Yes I am - you must have noticed how I've been going to work in shorter and shorter skirts, tighter blouses, higher heels. You must have noticed I've been wearing my best lingerie and the stockings with the seams - and the make-up too cucky? Surely you noticed the makeup? My super-glossy lipstick, glam lashes? I've been dressing to please the men in the office - and guess what cucky - that's not all I've been doing to please them. I've been cheating on you with so many guys at work - of course my boss was the first guy to fuck me but I've fucked lots more. I love cheating on you at work - I love being the office slut. I love sucking my bosses cock under his desk, I love getting fucked by the guys in the mail-room, I love getting fucked in the restrooms and over my own desk - everywhere and then I love to come home to you and you're so pleased to see me. So pleased that your hot trophy girlfriend has had such a good day at the office. Now you know that every time you kiss me goodbye in the morning, the next thing to touch my mouth is my bosses’ cock. Every time you watch my perfect ass walk out of the door, you're going to imagine the mailroom guys lifting my skirt and ripping down my panties. And you know what else cuckold - I'm going to make sure everyone knows whose girlfriend they're fucking in the office. I want you to bring my lunch in to the office every day. I'll make you meet them all - I'll introduce you to my boss, the mail guys - everyone who gets to fuck your girlfriend. And then you can fuck-off so I can get on with my 'work'.
Mila Amora
11/11/2019 - 16 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - I'm The Hottest Girl In The Office - #Cuckold