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I'm Taking Her To The Bulls Room
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Your girlfriend is way too good for a beta-cuck like you which is why she's coming with me to the Cuckold Club tonight. Oh, you can pretend you've never heard of it but I know you know all about this club. It's the one where they only allow married or engaged women in. Their husbands or boyfriends are made to wait out the evening in the cuckold room with bratty cuckysitters while their hot girlfriends entertain real men. The bulls love to watch the girls dancing on the dancefloor in their slutty clubbing outfits knowing their cuckolds can see it all on the screens in the cuckold room. You just watch helplessly as a superior Alpha male selects your wife or girlfriend from the crowd, lets her dance and rub her hot body up against him with his hands all over her. Cuckolds can see their girls flirting with other men, letting them know they're totally available and there's nothing the beta wimps can do to stop it. I'm taking your girlfriend tonight and I'm going to introduce her to the hottest bulls in the club while you endure the humiliation of a night with the cucky-sitters. The bulls LOVE fresh meat and I know they're gonna love your hot little girlfriend. She's gonna find herself on all fours in the middle of the 'Bulls Room' in no time. I want your too-good-for-you girl to know she can do so much better than you and have a lot more fun with real men. She's gonna be totally ruined in there tonight cuckold and then the bulls are gonna hand her back to you - her clothes torn, and her face covered in cum. I know you're both gonna become regulars at the Cuckold Club.
Miss Bethany
06/07/2018 - 12 minutes
small penis worship
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CruelGirlfriend - I'm Taking Her To The Bulls Room - #cuckold