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If You Like Stealing Panties So Much
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Did you really think you were going to get away with it? Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about! I know you've been stealing my panties from the dirty laundry, you filthy pervert! So you like stealing panties, do you? Well, if you don't want me to kick you out right now and tell everyone that you've been taking and wearing my pretty underwear, then you WILL submit to whatever punishment I decide upon. Right loser? I have just the perfect punishment in mind for a panty-thief like you. I'm going to take you to the lingerie store. Can you guess what you'll be doing there pantyboi? If you like stealing panties so much, then I think you should do it for real. I want you to go into that boutique and steal as many pairs of soft girly panties as you can. You heard me loser! You're going to keep stealing panties until you get caught doing it! I want you to get caught! This is your punishment sissy! Haha, how are you're going to explain your way out of this one faggot? Your cheeks burning red with shame, while you try and stammer out some excuse to the hot sales girls or the security guards! Everyone in the store will be watching you as you hand back all the girly panties you've stolen. You're going to tell them exactly why you're stealing them - because your girlfriend is tired of you stealing hers. She's tired of you jerking off into my panties. So what's it gonna be sissy? Either I kick you out and tell everyone what a pervert you are, or you get caught stealing panties at the lingerie store! Either way you'll be getting what you deserve!
Princess Aurora
22/04/2019 - 12 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - If You Like Stealing Panties So Much - #SissyExposure