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So after hours of me teasing you, taunting you and humiliating you, you finally agreed. You're going into chastity. What was it that pushed you over the edge? Seeing me in my hottest lingerie set? Feeling my pretty nails on your poor blue balls? Hearing me whisper in your ear about how I only fuck real men? Or the whole combination? Having a beautiful, teasing Cruel Girlfriend manipulate you and edge you until you agree to chastity? It doesn't matter now; you've signed the papers. The only choice you get to make is steel or silk. You see I have two methods of chastity. One of them is cold, hard steel, that will encase your tiny cock, and anchor to a piercing and never let you out. No amount of force will ever open it without the key. The cold hard metal will keep you safely caged away forever. I'll torment you about that every day. I'll grind my perfect ass against the ice-cold metal so you can suffer the agony of frustration. My second method of chastity is silk. And no loser, that doesn't mean the cage will be silk. No, the cage will be a pink plastic sissy cage, to cage your tiny sissy dick. And on top of the cage? A pair of my finest, pinkest, sissiest pink panties. The tight silk panties encasing your caged pink cock, letting the world know you're a submissive pansy sissy faggot. What will it be cucky? Inescapable, cold metal chastity, your tiny cock locked from world by hard metal, or sissy suffering, your useless member encased in a dainty pink prison? Silk or steel?

Added: 29 Jul 2019
Clip Length: 14m 05s