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Irreversibly Feminized
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Welcome to your new life! I know it's going to be a shock to you right now - the last thing you probably remember was coming back to my room after the club expecting to get laid by a girl way out of your league. It must have all become a little confusing shortly after I poured you a drink a told you to get ready for the best blowjob of your life huh? And now you're here - sore and even more confused. Let me explain - you were set up. Some girl you annoyed or whatever paid us to destroy your old male life and replace it with a band new cute and girlie life! And that's exactly what you've got. Your new name is Missy and you are a girl now and there really is no going back. The procedures are totally irreversible. Your balls - gone! No nasty bulge to ruin the look of your cute panties. 2 ribs - gone! Now you have a tiny little waist which we'll make even smaller once you're locked into the training corset. Take a look at your new tits - aren't they big Missy? They're huge and the perfect complement to your waspish waist. We've decorated your face with permanent makeup and given you long soft blonde hair - you look adorable! As you can see most of what we've done to you just can't be undone - so you're going to have to learn to accept your new girly life. You're going to have to accept you pretty new name, your cute girlish face and sexy little body. You're going to have to accept your new feminine wardrobe and that you'll have to learn to walk in heels. But most of all, Missy, you're going to have to accept the new serving-girl job we're arranging for you as a waitress. Enjoy your new life Missy!
Miss Maisie
11/03/2018 - 11 minutes
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