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It's Miss And Sir To You Cuckold!
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You've been a good boyfriend - you really have - it's just that you've never been able to satisfy me sexually. You can't fuck me the way a girl like me wants to be fucked. You're such a nice guy and I know I should forgive you this one shortcoming, but I guess I'm just a bitch because I'm not going to. So I've found another guy who is so much better in the bedroom - he fucks me the way you simply can't. He's not kind and gentle like you, but what he lacks in the 'sensitivity' department he more than makes up for in the fucking department. He's my new man now and you - well you're just gonna have to accept being my cuckold if you want to stay in my life. I've talked everything through with 'him' and he's happy for you to hang around so long as you live as our cuckold servant. You'll call me Miss and you'll call him Sir and you'll do whatever we tell you to do. It'll be hard for you at first - seeing me with another man, watching him put his hands all over me and hearing us fuck in what used to be your bedroom - in what used to be your bed. It'll be tough having to greet him as Sir when he walks through the door, replying yes Sir when he asks you to fetch him a drink. You'll feel humiliated when he laughs at you for calling me Miss - your ex-girlfriend. Replying yes Miss when I ask you if his cock looks so much bigger than yours. Your life will be full of these little humiliations, but you'll just have to soak up the shame and learn to mind your manners if you want to stay in my life cuckold. Now do you understand? Let me hear you say yes Miss!
Miss Maisie
31/12/2017 - 12 minutes
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