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What can a jerk-off loser like you do after you've been rejected for the 'gazillionth' time huh? There's only so much rejection a wimp can take right? There's only so many times you can get knock-backed by hot girls in the bars, told to fuck-off by bratty popular girls, sneered at and 'L' signed by girls like me. So what does a loser do? You reward yourself with a night of gooning over too-good-for you girls and jerking your beta-meat to out-of-your-league hotties. Well that's just not for you and you know it loser. If you don't deserve the real thing - you don't deserve us online either. Stop jerking over girls you'll never have and get used to jerking over the only girl who'll never say no to you... Barbie.

Let's face it loser - Barbie has everything a life-long reject like you could ever dream of. She's pretty, she has perfect dream-girl body with a tiny waist and big tits. She has long legs and best of all - she'll never tell you to fuck-off. She's your dream-girl and from now on - she's all you get to jerk off to. I'm gonna let you jerk off to Barbie as much as you like loser. Jerk off to Barbie and all her doll friends you pathetic loser. Go on - goon over the Barbie pictures - stroke to your plastic bimbo doll girlfriend while I fucking humiliate you for it! You don't get to jerk of to real girls anymore loser - all you get is Barbie - jerk your real-girl rejected, pussy-free cock to Barbie - how fucking pathetic!

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