Jessie Boulevard

Some of my best friends are Cruel Girlfriends and they KNEW I would make the perfect bossy miss-perfect for this website! True Story! I love being a total bitch to trembling wimp boys who can't help but stare and drool at my hot body, pretty face, and perfect tits and ass! I literally seduce you weaklings into asking me out on a date or to buy me a drink just so that I can take the opportunity to totally verbally humiliate you with my mean-girl sneer. It's so much fun! You walk away with your crushed ego between your legs while me and my girlfriends laugh about what a fucking loser you are. You're the lucky ones - the merciless rejected get off lightly. The ones that get a little further spend the best years of their pathetic lives locked in chastity, feminized and cuckolded!

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