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Jaye Rose


Way back before CruelGirlfriend.com was famous I was one of the ORIGINAL Cruel Girlfriends! Now I'm back and I'm even more cruel than ever before! The reason I was one of the first and one of the most recent is because I'm one of the best! I'll tease you, humiliate you, torment and deny you and giggle as all you can do is whimper and beg me take control over your pathetic life I'm naturally Dominant, intelligent, and I don't need a whip or cane to assert my power over the inferior sex. Standing before me as I reduce you to tears with words alone, you'll uderstand I was born to be your superior, born to emasculate and humiliate wimps who cross my path. You will submit loser!

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CruelGirlfriend - Jaye Rose - An Original Cruel Girlfriend