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Keep My New Tits Clean Cucky
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You paid for them - you keep them clean - that's the rule cucky. They were expensive - I picked the absolute top surgeon to give me my perfect tits and I want you to keep them clean. You spent so much money and helped me choose the perfect size and shape and OMG they look so good don't they cucky? I know you’re on a permanent boob-ban and you're NEVER allowed to touch them, but you can see how amazing they are right? I'm going to wear the most revealing outfits to show these incredible tits off when I head out on a new date every night. I want guys drooling over them all night - desperate to bring me home to get their hands on them - and I'm going to let them grope them as much as they like! No touching for you but my REAL MEN will get to do whatever they like to the tits you paid so much for! They'll even get to wank their Alpha cocks between the cleavage of your dream tits. I want them to enjoy them even though you're not allowed to. It gives me such a kick to deny you while allowing every other guy the pleasure of my perfect tits. I'm going to let so many guys cum over my brand-new tits - they can fuck them or jerk off onto them - whatever they like and guess what loser - you're going to lick up every last drop! That's right, the only time you get to touch these tits is when you're licking up the cum from the guys I've let spunk all over them! No groping, no touching, no contact other than the tip of your cuckold tongue as you lap up the mess other guys have left on your girlfriend's hot new tits.
Becky Dee
05/03/2019 - 12 minutes
femdom sex
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CruelGirlfriend - Keep My New Tits Clean Cucky - #cuckold