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Just so you completely understand - girls like me HATE freaks like you. We hate you. It's not just the fact that you're ugly and awkward looking - it's because the thought of breathing the same air as you make us sick. You sit at your screen jerking off to our videos and images imagining what it must be like to actually be with a girl like me. Like there's actually a part of you that thinks if you had a fuck-tonne of money you could buy your way into my pants or something. Girls like me hate you - no matter how rich you become. Your very existence is offensive to us. We look down on you like you're nothing - we're rude and mean to you - we call you names and humiliate you to make sure you understand your place and now I'm spelling it out for you - we hate you. Guess what loser - I want this to be your jerk-off material now. I only want you cumming to girls telling you how much they hate you. How repulsed they are by you, how disgusting you are to them. You don't get to watch the clips we reserve for real men. The ones we tease with our hot, perfect bodies, our big tits and sexy little asses. Those are for the guys we like - not you. The clips we make for you are full of snobby sneers, and snarky looks of disgust. Your clips are verbal insults as we explain how hot girls like us would never even look at a loser like you. You get humiliated, picked on and ignored - that's how we treat the losers we hate - losers like you. No more porn for you - just pretty girls telling you how much we hate you. Can you imagine anything more pathetic than being made to cum from being told how much we hate you?

Added: 26 May 2019
Clip Length: 15m 01s