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Lauren Brock

Don't call me babe - so what if Barb Wire said it first - I'm the bad-ass blonde with the bad-ass body art who's saying it now. I'm the girl-power bitch of chaos who's in control now and you'll show me the respect I deserve. You'll call me Miss, or Goddess or Princess or Daddy but you will not call me babe - see what happens loser. See how far calling your natural born superior 'babe' gets you. Find out what consequences await you for that idiotic mistake. We'll see who the 'babe' is after an emasculating pegging won't we bitch? I'll make you take back your words after a severe beating, a humiliating public spanking, a degrading act of obedience. I'll make you regret that four letter word fucktard - I'll make sure you'll never call another girl babe ever again. Need me to prove it to you, reject? Then try it - call me babe - I fucking dare you!