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Let's find out just how much of a fucking loser you really are. Let's see if all it takes to make you spurt out a pathetic loser-load is a hot girl humiliating the fuck out of you. You're not going to get any tits, you're not going to see my ass and definitely no pussy for you. All you get is humiliation. I'm going to insult you and verbally abuse you without mercy while you gently stroke and we're going to find out how long it takes you to cum. At the bottom of the screen you're going to see a loserometer which shows you just how much of a fucking loser you are. The quicker you cum the more pathetic you are. Make it to the end of the clip without cumming and you might get a better score. So, let's begin - listen to me humiliating the fuck out of you while you play with your joke of a cock and try not to cum fucktard. What sort of abuse cuts you the most? Sissy? Does it hurt when the girl you love the most wants to make you wear panties just to amuse her? Is that what you are - a sissy? A panty wearing, curtseying sissyboy? Do you want to be a girl sissy? Hahaha! Or is it your performance as a man that you dread being humiliated for? Is your cock too small? Do you cum too quickly? I guess We're gonna find out pindick huh! haha! Are you friendzoned because you can't satisfy hot girls like me with your puny package? Or maybe it the word 'FAGGOT' that is most humiliating? Would being called a faggot make you cum? Would a hot girl calling you a faggot over and over again be so humiliating you'd just cum? I'm gonna find out any moment faggot - stroke to your humiliation and cum you fucking loser.
Jessie Boulevard
07/01/2019 - 13 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Loserometer - Take The Test Loser - #humiliation