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Leak From Your Cock-Cage
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Hopefully you've accepted your life in chastity by now loser. The painful mid-sleep attempts to get hard have almost stopped. The stomach-turning ache of blue-balls is now something you've learned to live with. The feelings of hopeless frustration every time you see a stunningly beautiful girl, knowing you couldn't do anything with her even if you had the opportunity are just a part of being a submissive wimp. The humiliation you feel every time you see that knowing look from a pretty girl when she's noticed the clunky chastity bulge in your trousers is your default emotion. Only once you have accepted that your cock no longer belongs to you - that it is my property to keep locked away for the rest of your life if I so wish. Only once you have completely given up on ever having sex again or jerking yourself off will I allow you to leak from your cock cage. Losers who find themselves permanently locked in chastity will need to find a way to release the pressure on their poor balls and for you, loser, this means you get to use the wand. The powerful vibrating wand when pressed hard behind your trapped balls for a prolonged period will allow you to leak a pleasureless ruined orgasm from the end of your limp cock. It will be humiliating for you of course. On all fours, your helpless cock and balls locked between your legs while you vibrate them is certainly not something any real man would do to get himself off. But you're not a real man are you loser? You're a beta wimp who has allowed a girl to lock his cock away forever and you'll do whatever it takes to cum now. Right?
Lucie Jones
08/07/2018 - 11 minutes
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