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Lock It - Or Suck It
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You probably thought you were being clever but you're actually such a fucking idiot. I have so much on you now you'll do whatever the fuck I tell you to do or EVERYONE will know about all the submissive femdom stuff you get off on. Yes, my plan is to destroy your life in some way - that's kinda the fun but how I ruin it is entirely up to you. When I have a humiliation addicted loser like you in this position it's so much fun to let him choose the way in which I fuck up his life. You could refuse to play my game and I'll ruin your life by EXPOSING you for the freak you are. I'll out you to all the people you're close to - you'll be the laughing stock wherever you go. I know that terrifies you more than anything, so I guess you're ready to play my game? You have 2 choices loser - either you voluntarily lock your cock away in chastity or you voluntarily suck a cock for me. You get to decide whether or not to spend an indefinite amount of your life with no access to your own cock - no jerking off, no cumming and definitely no sex with that icky cock of yours. You'll buy yourself a secure VICE chastity device, I'll send you the lock and you'll snap yourself into it of your own free will - but locked up until I say otherwise. Orrrrr.... you suck a cock for me. You'll put together a suitably pathetic craigslist ad, explaining the situation you're in and begging some random guy to come over to let you suck his cock. Whichever you decide to do you'll have to accept the fact you've done it to yourself... well perhaps with a teeny-tiny bit of manipulation from a hot, bratty goddess.
Miss Maisie
02/04/2018 - 11 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Lock It - Or Suck It - #forcedbi