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Locked And Lesbianised
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Locking your pathetic limp cock away inside this chastity device was the best thing I ever did. Besides it making you more submissive and easy to control than I could ever have predicted, it led the way to your emasculating feminization. As soon as your cock was under my control it was as if you abandoned all of your masculinity and accepted your new sissified status. I much prefer you as a girl. You're actually really pretty when you're shaved smooth and soft, dressed from head to toe in ultra-feminine lingerie and the cutest dresses, skirts, or sissy uniforms. Your long girly hair styled just the way I like and your makeup looking so beautiful. It's almost impossible for me to see you as a man at all now and I'm sure you don't even think like a guy anymore. The truth is I've successfully turned you into my perfect, lesbianised sissy-doll. You were never capable of satisfying a girl like me as a man but with that useless cock locked away and your appearance modified to look so pretty and girlie - you make the perfect lesbian girlfriend. I'm going to train you to forget all about your own pleasure and to concentrate totally on mine! You'll pleasure me exactly as a real lesbian girlfriend would - but you'll get nothing in return. Your life will be spent making yourself look as pretty and girlie as possible for me and taking care of my sexual needs just like a girl. Your poor abandoned sissy-dick will be forgotten forever - locked away under all your frills and dainty, feminine clothing. My girlfriends are gonna be so jealous when they see my submissive lesbianised sissy girl!
Bella Mendez
08/04/2018 - 12 minutes
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