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Look at the positive side of your predicament cucky, you're allowed to cum whenever you like - I really don't have any problem with it at all. Yeah, I've got your useless cock caged away in chastity - that's just so that I know you don't get fed up being humiliated and abused by me and go looking for another girlfriend. The fact is - if you still want to cum and you can find some amusing way of stimulating yourself in that thing I'm happy for you to cum. Seriously! You get to get all the cummies you can handle but ok there's a teeny tiny catch. If you do manage to dribble out a pity-gasm from the end of that chastity device - you've got to eat it. Haha I couldn't care less how gross eating your own cummies is to you - that's the fucking deal. Either leave yourself frustrated and denied in chastity while I fuck other guys or milk yourself to a humiliating sissygasm and swallow your own mess! Boo fucking hoo loser - I know how disgusting you think cum eating is but it's the only way you're gonna be allowed to cum haha! I'm going to laugh right in your stupid face every time you lick up your own cum right in front of me after you've leaked out a pathetic, pleasureless ruined orgasm. It's not going to be fun, it's going to be totally fucking humiliating but maybe, just maybe, you'll feel a little less frustrated in that device. I'm so generous. The other Cruel Girlfriends never let their cuckold boyfriends cum - they keep them caged and denied for their whole lives. You're actually lucky I'm allowing you to eat your own cum - you should probably thank me cucky!
Bella Mendez
02/02/2018 - 10 minutes
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