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Locked In The Cock-Sucking Cage Virtual Reality
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FULL 360 degree VR experience! I hope you like the view from inside that cage faggot because that's where you're going to be spending most of your life from now on. This cage is the Cruel Girlfriend Dreamhouse's COCKSUCKING CAGE! Haha! This is where I throw sissies for my special parties. Sissies who aren't well enough trained to serve as maids to all the hot girls in the party rooms are brought to the cocksucking cage to be used by the dominant male guests. If you've failed to master walking in your ballet heels while carrying a tray of champagne glasses, or learned to curtsey perfectly to guests as they arrive you'll find yourself in the cage. If you cannot lisp a girlie 'yesth missth' or mince with a pretty wiggle with your big pink butt-plug inserted deep inside you - you'll find yourself in the cage. Only my most perfect sissies get to serve the Cruel Girlfriends at our famous parties - the rest are crammed inside the cocksucking cage, all squeezed up with the other sissy failures where you'll be used by our male guests. Alpha males will unzip and push their cocks through the bars of the cage and you'll fight each other to be the first to get it into your painted lips. You'll be one of several feminized sluts, dressed in a pansy-pink frilly uniform, stockings, heels and a pretty wig. Every time a cock pushes through the bars you'll all scramble to suck it like greedy little cumsluts - only one sissy will be released and brought to the party room to join the best sissies serving the beautiful Cruel Girlfriends. The rest will remain in the cage all night - covered in cum.
Becky DeePrincess Ashleigh
07/01/2018 - 12 minutes
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