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Locked In The Vice
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I love caging losers away in chastity and I love to know that once that lock clicks shut you have no possible way of getting out without my say-so. Chastity is no fun if you can just slip your beta-cock out of its prison any time you like. I know how frustrating it is for betas - seeing hot girls like me all day, at the office, in the bars and clubs and in you favourite humili-porn clips at CruelGirlfriend.com. You may be locked in chastity but the desperation to be free to jerk your limpdick is overwhelming and losers like you find whatever way out of that device they can. Without taking the step to pierce your loser-stick and force you into an extreme PA device the options for secure devices have been limited - until I found this wicked little device! THE VICE! This cruel cock-cage has an awesome anti-pullout device that will keep that puny cock of yours exactly where it should be! In chastity until I decide otherwise. The anti-pullout device has small, medium and large settings - we all know which one you're going to be using! It clamps around your caged dick gripping it like a vice inside the tube - you're not going anywhere loser! You're going to stay in chastity until I decide to let you out - which could be never hahaha! You could be in the vice for the rest of your life! It's a good job they're so fucking pretty huh? You can choose from this cute pink little cage or a pretty purple one. That's the only choice you get! After I've snapped the lock shut all the decisions are mine to make - how long you stay inside and what you have to do to earn your release are all down to ME!
Danni King
14/07/2017 - 11 minutes
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