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Megan Rox

Just being pretty entitles me to all the advantages in life, all the things an 'ugly' like you would see as privileges. Being hot guarantees me wealth, it guarantees me popularity, it guarantees me dominance over inferiors like you. The truth is - I don't even have to be nice - I can be a toxic little bitch, cruel, manipulative and spiteful - it doens't matter when you look like I do. Losers like you will still beg for my attention, pay for my lifestyle and worship me like a total goddess. Girls like me use our perfect good looks, our dream-girl bodies, our unattainable beauty to get what we want from simping little begs like you. We use you, we humiliate and degrade you and we rinse you for all your worth and you still come grovelling for more. Being so fucking pretty guarantees me so much, loser but y'know what it guarantees you?... that you'll never EVER get to fuck me. It guarantees the closest you'll ever get to having me - is wearing the chastity device I'll lock you into. It guarantees your life of suffering at my whim. It guarantees the best you'll ever be is my pathetic, shoe-licking, panty-wearing, tease and denied SLAVE!