Miss Maisie

I'm the mean popular girl that hasn't stopped bullying you since high school. You may have grown up and found yourself a safe little life with a safe little job and maybe even a safe little wife but I'm always here to remind you that you're still just a pathetic beta loser. I earn more money than you, I drive a better car than you and I'll always be superior to you in every way. Which means you'll never escape being my little bullied victim. I could snap my fingers and take your entire safe little life away from you - so you'll continue to do whatever the fuck I tell you to. You'll buy my drinks at the bar, you'll pay for my shopping sprees, you'll run errands for me - whatever I want. I own you - and that's never going to change no matter how hard you try to forget all the humiliating things I've done to you or all the cruel things I've said to you.

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