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If you wanna jerk off you're gonna do it right under my perfect ass while I totally fucking ignore you, loser. I'll literally ignore you as you're fighting for air underneath me while I'm texting my boyfriend, or catching up with the girls instagram, or taking bratty selfies to upload to the CruelGirlfriend twitter feed. I'll totally forget about you loser and I don't even care what happens to you. You know what that means, right loser? As you're stroking your cock - desperately trying to cum - you'll be losing your air supply with every second that goes by. Murderbating and getting ignored right under my ass. As all my attention is being spent on others, you'll be getting absolutely nothing - just rejected and ignored when you need my attention the most. You're not gonna last long, trapped under my ass loser - you might not even make it to the end of your asphyxiwank - but I don't care loser - I don't care if you live or not - I'm way too busy ignoring you and messaging the people I do care about to care about a runt like you.

It's kinda pathetic really - you're gonna be gasping for air under my ass while I swipe the fuck outta my phone! You're gonna stay right down there enjoying every last second under my perfect ass - stroking your cock and getting ignored while I make fun of you with the girls. Uh-huh loser, while you're busy murderbating - I'm gonna tell my girlfriends all about you. Like how I'm keeping a total dork's stupid face pinned down by my beautiful fucking ass while I type messages to them. Girls need to know what you are loser - an ass-worshipping little runt that deserves to die in a horrific face-sitting murderbation accident. Haha! And that's just what will happen to you if you don't hurry the fuck up and cum down there - I won't be climbing off your face until you've 'gasmed loser - you're trapped under my ass until you've creamed your fist - so unless you can survive without oxygen - I suggest you cum and make it quick!

I can sit here all day if I have to - after I'm up to date with the girls - I'm gonna leave you worshipping ass and jerking your wimp-dick while I call my boyfriend. So you can struggle to breath while I'm making plans to fuck him - you can stare at the beautiful ass that he'll be getting all to himself while you take your final breaths loser. Stare at the ass that's gonna end you loser... keep stroking as you begin to pass out - as everything starts to go black... Maybe I'll lift myself off just enough to bring you back from the edge of the abyss... and then I'll go right back to ignoring you all over again. Ignored just like all girls ignore you, loser. You don't even exist to hot girls like me - which is why the only way you deserve to cum is from a humiliating murderbation while you're getting ignored right down there under my dream-girl ass!

Added: 13 Sep 2021
Clip Length: 13m 53s