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Of Course I'm Gonna Let You Have Sex Again
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Aw sissy, of course I'm going to let you have sex again - you're just going to have to come to terms with the fact it's never going to be with girls. I've been keeping you locked up in chastity, conditioning you with humiliation and keeping you completely feminized so that you'll only be able to have sex with men. The longer you stay imprisoned in that device, the more girly you become - it's as if your masculinity is shrinking away as your cock shrinks away. I make sure you're kept completely smooth and hairless and you're only allowed to wear the prettiest girl's clothes. Ultra-feminine lingerie, pink crop-tops, tiny skirts and the highest heels. You have to wear makeup and style your hair just like a girl. All your mannerisms are becoming girlier - the way you walk the way you talk - more feminine every day. But somehow, despite looking like a barbie doll, you still fantasize about being unlocked form chastity to fuck a hot girl like me. It's just never going to happen sissy. You're going to remain in that device as the last shred of masculinity you have drips away and you accept that you will be a sexually submissive slut to real men. Your cage is going to make you such a horny little slut too - so frustrated that you'll be desperate to please. Blocked from satisfying yourself, you'll live to please men - you'll dress the way they want, act the way they want and do whatever they want you to do. You're going to get to have sex all the time sissy, it's just not going to be the kind of sex you always dreamed of!
Mila Amora
13/09/2019 - 13 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Of Course I'm Gonna Let You Have Sex Again - #Feminization