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I bet you're pretty scared, huh sissy? Just look at you! You're trembling, your knees are shaking and you're sweating like a pig. I guess I can understand why you'd be worried when your Cruel Girlfriend straps you down and begins prepping her new tattoo equipment. What mischief have I come up with this time? What humiliating tattoo am I gonna permanently imprint upon your helpless flesh? Maybe a tramp stamp on your lower back, just over your sissy-pussy? Or the word SLUT in big black letters on the side of your neck? That would be pretty humiliating, but I have something much better in mind. You're going to be getting pink sissy lingerie permanently tattooed straight onto your body! Hahaha! That's right sissy! You're going to be wearing pink ink lingerie 24/7 - for the rest of your life! You'll be marked forever as a cross-dressing pervert and anyone who sees you without your clothes on will know exactly what you are! Your hot female tattoo artist is going to start by giving you a pair of pink girly panties that you can never take off. Then I'll outfit you with a matching bra and if you're a good sissy I might even draw in some big fake boobies for you to fill out your sexy new outfit! As the final touch you'll get a pair of pretty stockings with big pink bows on the rim. You'll be so pretty! I can't wait to see the results - we're gonna have to take lots of pictures to show all my friends! Maybe you can even get featured in one of those tattoo magazines, next to all those bad boys! Hahaha!

Added: 23 Aug 2019
Clip Length: 16m 16s