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Pansies Wear Panties
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Do you know what you are? You’re a pansy! You're more like a girl than a boy - you're a pathetic, weak pansy-boy! You should be so disappointed with yourself - you've failed to develop into a masculine guy who's good at sports, confident around girls, strong and attractive. Instead you've grown into a wimpy effeminate beta-boy - a pansy. Guess what pansy-boy. Pansies wear panties haha! It's the new rule me and my girlfriends made up for sissy boys like you. We're going to make pansies like you wear the most humiliating frilly panties we can find. You've been called out for being less than a man so you're going to have to wear your pansy-panties forever now. And I mean it! You don't get to wear boxer shorts like real men - you have to wear panties - girls’ panties. I want it to be so humiliating for you to wear them. I want you to feel the feminine fabric on your inferior boy-parts all day long. I want you to feel permanently afraid that the pink lace top has ridden up over the top of your jeans or that all the ruffles can be seen through your trousers. I want you to feel totally humiliated when you're caught wearing them. This is the price a pansy has to pay for not being manly enough. All your panties are gonna be ultra-feminine - pastels, little ribbons and bows, layers of ruffles, silks, satins and even little sissy-bells that jingle when you walk. You're going to be so ashamed of yourself pansy. I can't wait for you to model all the panties me and my girlfriends have picked out for you!
Tiger Lily
15/04/2019 - 16 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Pansies Wear Panties - #Feminization