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How fucking humiliating for you. Made to present yourself to me in your girliest panties. You must feel so ashamed and embarrassed - modelling panties for your dream-girl. You must be mortified! You can't even look at me can you? You know how pathetic and 'sissy' you look. Stood in front of me in pink panties, with ribbons and bows and ruffles. All that satin and lace keeping your little pee-pee hidden away. Do you have any idea what a hot girl like me would be thinking about you right now? Do you think I'm going to go easy on you now that your face is red with shame and you're suffering the reality of being exposed? Do you think I'm going to take pity on you for finding yourself in such a pansy-predicament? I don't think so faggot. I think your humiliation is going to get a lot worse because I'm going to call you out for exactly what you are a faggot - a pink panty wearing sissy-faggot! No girl will ever take a pansy like you seriously - you wear panties - girl’s panties! All you are is a sissy and you need girls like me to tell you exactly where your place is. You can stand right there and squirm as I make fun of you. Take pics of you to share with my girlfriends and my boyfriends and laugh at you. I want you to feel humiliated as I call you a panty-faggot and tell you how stupid you look. I'm gonna tell you how any remote hope you ever had of dating me was crushed as soon as you tugged those girly panties up your legs. Look at me as I make it totally clear to you - I don't date faggots. OMG are you actually getting stiff as I call you a faggot? You really are! You can't hide it in those panties - you actually enjoy being humiliated in pantied dontcha?

Added: 01 Dec 2019
Clip Length: 15m 10s