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Look at yourself - you're a fucking pig - an ugly fat DISGUSTING pig! It's no wonder hot girls like me make fun of you all the time. Nobody ever feels sorry for fattie pigs like you! Girls like me just use you - we turn you into the only kind of pig that can get any attention - a pay pig. And nobody ever feels sorry for you. Nobody cares if pretty girls rinse your money and humiliate you - everyone knows that's what you deserve for being fat and ugly. You want us to take you serious fat-so? Do you want girls to stop taking all your money and abusing you? Then you're gonna have to sweat. You're gonna have to stop being such a lazy fat slob and work-out and I'm gonna help you.

You're going to pay me your weight in dollars every week until the end of your fitness plan, so the more you lose - the less you have to pay me. If you don't like hot workout girls like me rinsing you - all you have to do is follow my fitness plan for 3 months. I'm going to put you through a humiliating fat-shaming fitness plan for 3 whole months. You're going to wear an embarrassing workout uniform while I make fun of you for being such an ugly fat pig. I'll make you exercise in a little piggie nose and a curly piggie butt-plug in your ass. You're gonna complete every instruction as the sweat rolls off your disgusting fat body.

Making fat losers like you puff and pant as you try to keep up with your hot fitness instructor is so much fun. Can you imagine me and all my bratty girlfriends watching your out-of-shape body wobble? Can you imagine us laughing at you as we make you bend over and touch your toes? Can you hear our insults? Could you ignore our giggles and sniggers as you struggle to do all the exercises we tell you to? I want to fucking humiliate you for 3 whole months and make you pay for every second of it. My little workout piggie - paying your weight to me in dollars every day as you desperately try to lose your ugly fat body. Keep going fat-so! Eughw so gross!

Added: 06 Mar 2020
Clip Length: 15m 56s