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Phoenix Knight

A true Glamazon Goddess - I'll tower over wimps like you in my spiked platform heels - intimidating you physically and mentally. I'm more powerful then you, I'm genetically superior to you and I'm too fucking good for you. You'll do whatever I tell you because you worship and fear me. You're unable to defy me loser - my long golden legs, my dream-girl body, my perfect tits and beautiful lips - you'll to what I say because you know making me happy involves sacrifice. You'll sacrifice your dignity, your self-respect and your sexuality to put a pretty smile on my face because you know an unhappy goddess is a malicious, cruel, spiteful goddess - right loser? You'll kneel before me and accept the humiliations I decide to inflict upon you. You'll cower as I punish you mecilessly. You'll squirm with shame and cry and beg - all to entertain me. Worship me loser - submit and worship me!