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Y'know most girls love planning their weddings. Making sure every detail comes together to create the perfect fairy-tale day. It's every girl's dream after all. But not every girl has a pathetic, panty-wearing sissy as a boyfriend do they?... Bu..but…butt... You can stutter and stammer and try to deny it all you like - I know what you are - you, my dear fiancé, are a SISSY! You are a pink-panty-wearing, mincing, lisping, curtseying SISSY and I'm SO glad I found out your secret before our wedding day! I found your stash of girly clothes, your wigs, your heels, your frilly dresses - I found it all, sissy! I found your humili-porn - endless folders of images showing hot snarky girls belittling sissy wimps in ruffled panties. I found your subscription to CruelGirlfriend - there's no excuses - you're a sissy!

Most girls would call the wedding off after finding out their boyfriend is a pansy - but I have a much better idea. Our wedding will go ahead - and you will be become my permanently feminised sissy husband. In front of all our guests, you will take the vow to honour and serve me and if you're lucky - they'll have no idea that your smart suit is hiding the full bridal lingerie set you'll be made to wear. This will be the start of your real-life sissy fantasies coming true - all those videos and images of dominant girls dressing up their boyfriends in girly frills - let's find out if you enjoy it as much as you've always imagined!

The best thing about all this is I've been able to plan the perfect sissymoon for you. You see, when we fly off after the wedding, you won't be taking a single item of boy-clothes with you. You're going to spend the whole 2 weeks as my new feminised sissy 'wife'! All you'll have to wear are tiny bikini sets, panties, cute little summer dresses and skirts. You're gonna be a sissy on her sissymoon - humiliated in your girly clothes everywhere we go. The beach, by the pool, the bars and around the hotel - everyone will be making fun of you sissy! I'll even make you get the most humiliating tan-lines to show my girlfriends when we get back home!

Added: 10 Jul 2020
Clip Length: 14m 51s