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This is the only way you get to be in my life from now on - you failed at being a man so let's see how you get on at being a puppy shall we? You're going to be my cute little pet doggy - just like your Princess always wanted! I'm gonna take extra special care of you too puppy-dog. I've bought you a cute pink collar to wear ALL the time and look - you've got your very own doggy bowl that I'm gonna fill with disgusting pet-slop twice a day for you. No more human food for you now that you're just a doggy. This is your life now - you don't get to pretend to be a man around me anymore - you're my pet and you have to do everything I say. You have no clothes or money - you'll rely on me for everything. You'll live in a cage except for when I take you for a walk. Every day I'm gonna meet up with my girlfriends in the park and you will be taken for a long walk. They all hated you when you used to be a man, but I know they're gonna LOVE seeing you as my cute little puppy-dog! I guess it's gonna be pretty humiliating for you at first - being led around like a bitch by a hot girl in public. Being made to go to the toilet like a doggy, being laughed at by all the girls and boys that see you. Being taught tricks for our entertainment. Eventually you will learn to accept your newly demoted status and you'll become my perfect obedient pooch. I'll give you a real doggy's name and a cute little name tag to let everyone know you belong to me. And if you're a really good puppy-dog I might even let one of my girlfriends bring over one of her big stud hounds to meet you - who knows we might even try to breed you too! would you like that bitch?

Added: 08 Sep 2019
Clip Length: 14m 00s