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Public Sissygasm Challenge
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Sissyasms are humiliating aren't they sissy? They reinforce the sissy-status you've been given - no longer allowed to cum like a real man but only allowed to cum when being penetrated like a girl. No normal guy has to submit to this kind of shame to get off - sissies have no choice. A sissy is an object of ridicule and exists to be humiliated for the entertainment of Alpha males and females. There should be no limits to the amount of embarrassment a sissy will accept in order to earn a sissygasm which is why I have devised this emasculating assignment. I want you to go out somewhere VERY public while dressed as a girl. Choose something pretty, girly and very feminine but not overtly sissy. Choose a dress or a cute skirt and top. Wear your prettiest lingerie and your heels. Fix your makeup and wear a pretty wig. I want you to look as convincing as possible. When you're done making yourself look pretty, I want you to find the biggest buttplug you have and push it into your sissy hole and hold it in place with your tight panties. Now off you go sissy - head out to the ultra-public place to start your humiliating challenge. Head to the mall, a busy bar, a supermarket or a tube station - I don't care. So long as LOTS of people are around. Find somewhere to lean or sit and then wriggle on your plugged-up ass until the plug is deep inside you. I want you to squirm around on that plug until you cum in your panties. I want you to give yourself a public sissygasm right in front an audience. Wriggle and squirm until you can't take any more and leak your sissygasm into your girlie panties.
Becky Dee
20/03/2019 - 11 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Public Sissygasm Challenge - #SissyAssignment